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Linda Stambaugh engaged Personal Historian Nancy Shohet West to write the memoirs of her father. The project grew to include her mother, and required many more family interviews than planned. What else wasn't planned was how Linda's initial expectations were of the book once it was published. It quickly became her father's bible and the stories in it from his family about him sustained him as his Alzheimer's disease got worse. Even more surprising was how the initial print run of 85 ballooned into over 200 to date. Linda's mother was so organized that it made the task of choosing photos for the book seem easy. But they did more than use the photos for the book, many more were included on a CD that was distributed with the book. Listen to Linda talk about the three questions she asked everyone who was interviewed for the book, and the sweet memory her 8-year old grandson contributed. Linda also has some sage advice for getting your project off the ground. The book "Always Room for One More" is available on Amazon.

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