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This episode is a double interview of an aunt and her niece. I interview Nancy Shohet West, a Memoir Consultant, and Journalist from Connecticut. Nancy tells us all about how she interacts with people to record their stories. Typically her clients are elderly, and will speak to them over Skype or by phone weekly to record their stories. Often times it is the adult children of the storyteller who hires Nancy to write down their parent’s stories. Nancy explains how she got interested in memoir writing, and gives great advice on how to start your memoir. You can find the books she has written with her clients on Amazon.  Catch up with Nancy on twitter @nancyswest, and at her website

Mary Dominick-Comer tells us what it was like for her speaking her memoir. Now at 81 years old, she started just 3 years ago although she initially hired Nancy Shohet West as a personal historian to record her husband’s life story. Mary did not think her life was that interesting, but was surprised that her life was more varied and more interesting than she thought . Although Mary had thought of writing her own memoir, it was easier to speak what she had to say, rather than discipline herself to write. Her diaries helped bring back memories and the hard part is choosing photographs for the book. Mary hopes her grandchildren find her memoir meaningful, and helpful.  Mary articulated like she had never before, and firmly believes that if she had not done what she had done in her life, then she would not be who she is today. Mary leaves us with advice on getting started on your memoir.

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