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Keith Larson is a freelance cartoonist/illustrator. He started in school, and has been drawing ever since. Inspired by cartoons, he was also encouraged by his teacher to learn to draw.

Being a cartoonist means Keith needed to be aware of the issues that readers were dealing with. Being attuned to people's emotions at a different level of consciousness is important in pointing out humor. Keith was used to cartooning but he used his illustration skills on the book Life in Pacific Grove. His involvement with the project was unplanned, but he illustrated stories with special black and white ink with gradations of grey, and designed a colorful front and back cover. His family has been in Pacific Grove for more than 100 years, so he was happy to be involved for his family.

He enjoyed being out and about in Pacific Grove sketching from the physical environment because of the interactions with people who would stop and talk to him. Keith encourages upcoming artists to reach out for work if they are interested in illustrating which is a great way to give depth to life stories.

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