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Part 3 is about what it was like for Kjathy Watson to be a participant in a Guided Autobiography class. She not only loved the class, and found the experience to be wonderful, but she has signed up for the 2nd and 3rd classes in the series with Heidi Thorsen, the instructor interviewed last week in Episode 21.

Kathy became interested in Guided Autobiography because there is no one to tell her side of the family story, and wants her son and grandchildren to know how their family came to be where they are and the broader family history. She was attracted t the structure that the course offered and the deadlines of weekly meetings. Although it was intimidating initially, Kathy found that her writing style of being more analytical changed, and wanted to not just write her life stories but wanted to help the reader experience what happened.

Listen to Kathy's advice for people starting out on their journey to record their life story. Kathy says that sharing is important for others to understand the history of your family and understand why people are the way they are.

The book of stories that inspires Kathy is by Mathilda Butler called Tales of our lives, Fork in the Road 

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