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Podcast on Recording Your Life Stories

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Let Storyical inspire you to turn your stories into life histories. Listen as Life Story Professionals share practical advice for you to capture your life story. Take encouragement from ordinary people who talk about how they started recording their life histories and have extraordinary results.

We also reviews of books, apps, websites for life story. 

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25. Memoir, Just Get it Out There

Nica Waters is a teacher and sailor, and started writing memoir through a class. She uses writing to work her way through issues that she is dealing with, but she used her memoir writing class

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24. Illustrating Life

Keith Larson is a freelance cartoonist/illustrator. He started in school, and has been drawing ever since. Inspired by cartoons, he was also encouraged by his teacher to learn to draw. Being a cartoonist means Keith

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19 – Tips on Digitizing Photos

Peta Roberts talks about digitizing photos, and tips on how to get the best image possible. The topics covered include 1. Analyzing photos 2. Organizing photos ? assembling and a naming convention 3. Scanning ?

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14 – What Shall I Write When I Retire

Phyllis Edwards retired to Pacific Grove in California and looked forward to writing stories of her life. Little did she know that the free memory writing class she attended at the library would get her

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13- How I Got My Town To Write A Book

Patricia Hamilton is owner and CEO of Park Place Publication, and Keepers of our culture imprint. Patricia started writing about personal history when taking journalism in high school. She gravitated into publishing other people’s memoirs

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12- Keep Pushing

Sabrena Leroy has faced a lot of adversity in her young life. These adversities included bad parents, violent home life, being a foster kid, plus cerebral palsy and other illnesses. Her twitter name is BlessedPoet

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9- A Memoirist will make it happen

Anne K hired memoirist Nancy Shohet West to write her mother’s memoir. Anne talks about the process, and what it means to her to understand her mother’s chronology and see the pieces fall into place.

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8- Let’s Talk about filming Life Story

Episode 8 is dual interviews with husband and wife video team Paul English and Alison Crossley. They live in Austinmer near Sydney in Australia. They started out by recording personal life stories and have now

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7 – Always Room for One More

Linda Stambaugh engaged Personal Historian Nancy Shohet West to write the memoirs of her father. The project grew to include her mother, and required many more family interviews than planned. What else wasn’t planned was

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5 -Birthdays and Being Heard

Brian Moore is the owner of Moore About You, based out of Syracuse, New York. He speaks about how putting together a video biodocumentary for his wife for her 50th birthday spurred him to his

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3- I am who I am

This episode is a double interview of an aunt and her niece. I interview Nancy Shohet West, a Memoir Consultant, and Journalist from Connecticut. Nancy tells us all about how she interacts with people to

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2- Memoir has its benefits

Today we learn about memoir from Gillian Ednie, a Biographer, and a Life Story Professional. She became interested in life story when evaluating a palliative care project. Gillian saw an improvement in patients, and decide

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1- Introduction to Storyical

Welcome to the first episode of Storyical! Peta Roberts, host, welcomes you to Storyical. She explains the aims of the show, as well as details about herself, and how she started as a Life Story

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