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Episode 8 is dual interviews with husband and wife video team Paul English and Alison Crossley. They live in Austinmer near Sydney in Australia. They started out by recording personal life stories and have now branched out into recording business stories as well. Paul films and edits the sound, whilst Alison interviews clients.

Paul has a background as a talk show host and got into personal history through recording his mother's life story. Sadly 4 months later she passed away. Paul walks us through the process of how they meet clients, doing research, building rapport, setting dates, and capturing the 'gems' of people's lives during the filming.  Then they edit, sound design with music, add in photos, cut CDs and post the films online for clients to share and access with passwords. Each client story can take a month of work to complete, from the first meeting to final viewing. Trust is important in helping their clients feel comfortable about telling their stories.

In the second part of the episode Alison Crossley talks about how she builds up that trust, and shares her observations about life story. Wait to hear their advice on how to record your life story.

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