storyical the podcast

Martie McNabb is a Personal Historian/ Visual Storyteller, and she takes us on an interesting journey through the story of "things". Martie tells us how she moved from teaching in New York City to compiling traditional scrapbooks for busy overwhelmed people. She created an event, called Show and Tales, as a way to get people to open up and share a story about one of their favorite objects in a group setting. Her examples and advice on how to use our personal objects as a prompt for sharing stories can be used by everyone to get that conversation going at home.  Connect with Martie at, and  check Martie's events listing at her facebook page

I also review the Storycatcher app available on iTunes (no Android version). It was created by Personal Historian and videographer in Silicon Valley, April Bell, and iphone app coder Urs Brauchli. The app is designed to record your stories, allows for simple editing, and the end result is a movie, with an introduction and music and captions and photos. Its all very simple and super easy to use. It has many applications and I step through how the app works. The app allows your projects to be directly posted to Youtube, Dropbox, Facebook, or email them. And I give you a tip about making the most of your sound quality for your videos.

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