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Brian Moore is the owner of Moore About You, based out of Syracuse, New York. He speaks about how putting together a video biodocumentary for his wife for her 50th birthday spurred him to his own business as a life story professional.  Although the video tribute took some time to complete, Brian explained why directing a video with so many contributors can affect the overall time taken. Once shooting all of the elements of the video is finished, there is a next step. Editing. Its an important step, but one that has to be done carefully to get the best result. After Brian started his business, he decided to put together a podcast that brought to life the stories of everyday people. Not only do all people have a story about their life, but they benefited from having their life story recorded. His podcast "52 Conversations" can be heard on Soundcloud. Brian points out a great example of why we should record our life stories sooner rather than later. Brian can be contacted via his Facebook page "Moore About You" the second half of the show, Heather Bucalos reflects on her experience of being interviewed by Brian for an audio memoir. During her interview, Heather spoke of her experience with cancer. One of the benefits for her was being heard, and Heather shared her advice for those who are contemplating recording their memoir.

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