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Today we learn about memoir from Gillian Ednie, a Biographer, and a Life Story Professional. She became interested in life story when evaluating a palliative care project. Gillian saw an improvement in patients, and decide to make it a full time career, and has since recorded many client stories as well as family stories. Gillian talks about the process she goes through from beginning of a client project to the end when people publish their book. Gillian draws on examples from her client list to illustrate the various reasons why people write memoir and the benefits of memoir. This includes the therapeutic benefits, allowing people to process events they could not at the time, and to look back on their lives, reflect and even impress themselves. Will you gain a ‘footing’ in this world by your retrospective? Can you imagine an entire book about you?

Print on demand makes it easy to make as many copies of your book as you like so that you give them to friends and family members.

Tools like Guided Autobiography give people the tools to write just a few pages at a time, about one theme at a time.

Gillian also talks about how she uses visualization, a timeline graph, photographs, songs and milestones events as techniques to remember life events. Paralleling their story with general social history gives more depth and context to a person’s story.

Gillian offers advice on how to get started writing your memoir. Connect with Gillian at, and the Australian organization of Life Story Professionals at

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