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We have treat for today’s episode. It in three parts, with three different people being interviewed. All of them are talking about Songfinch. Stories of us, songs from them. Songfinch is a company that will make you a song to remember your loved ones as their special memories are put to lyrics.  Great for those of us who cannot speak publicly, and would rather deliver our wedding speech, about the great memories we have of the happy couple, in a song. Well, that’s the inspiration for the founding of the company.I spoke to its co-founder Rob Lindquist, about how the process works. Connect to Songfinch on their website

I also spoke to one his studio musicians Jef Joslin, who helps us understand how he writes the tune, and the lyrics.

And then I spoke to a customer, Lisa from Tea Time Socials in Chicago. Lisa went through the process of asking for a song to be written for her. In fact she uses the song as the theme song for her business where she connects kids to each other through stories at tea time socials. Listen to the Team Time Socials song written and composed by Songfinch at the very end of the show. I hope you are inspired about the different ways we can remember each other’s life story.

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