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What to Expect From a Life Story Professional

Helping you record your story. And share them too!

Life Story Professionals include writers, journalists and people who can help you video tape and audio tape your speaking your stories. 

Firstly, expect a  consultation. You need to know if you are a good fit. A handshake agreement is what you are aiming for, but we like to write down what we both agree to, like how many hours the project will take, how long it might take, how many revisions you can make… 

To make the most of your investment, we try to be very clear about expectations. We spend a good many hours behind the scenes editing tapes, transcribing, and developing the story. All of these tasks are undertaken by the Life Story Professional as part of your project.  

 There can be other professionals working on your project such as book designers, printers, and editors. And you might need help digitizing your photos too. 

We will let you know pricing up front. But some things are extra, such as book printing. You might print 10 books or 100 books. With modern print-on-demand you can print as many books as you wish, all at a very low cost. 

Different Ways to Save Your Stories

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Legacy Letters

Why not pass on stories of your ancestor, your values and reflections of life. Legacy Letters let you express your ethics and wishes for the future. A reflection of your learnings is valuable to future generations.


A popular way to share your life story is to write a book. We will help you write it, edit it, and get it printed. And we like to include your pictures. Put in on a bookshelf as a forever  reference book.

Audio File

Ever miss the voice of a passed relative or friend? There is no better media that brings voice alive than leaving your life story in spoken format. 


Don’t know what to do with all those photos? Have uncounted shoeboxes with slides and snaps floating around? A Life Story Professional can help you get organized and can digitize your whole collection.


If your loved one is no longer with you a Tribute is a way to remember them. We will help you collect short stories, add photos and get it printed. A great way to share their memories.  


Are you proud of your family business and want to record its history? A Life Story Professional can interview and record stories of the people who have contributed to the success of the business. 

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